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Nest Video Door Bell VS Ring Video Doorbell -

Nest Video Door Bell VS Ring  Whenever a new model comes into the market, it is expected to have an edge over the existing range of products in one or many aspects. Similarly, the video doorbell reviews brings in many of the features in its functionality, security, compatibility, and scalability factors. In this review, we shall take a closer look at the comparative features between our trusted Ring video doorbell and the latest market entrant. [ 976 more words ]
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Why Using Video Can Improve Conversion on Your Website -

The visual appeals of an advertisement can have profound impact on your audiences’ thinking patternwhic is why you need a video production company . You may choose to show it in the form of a product description, promotion or information about the product related features. Most of the audiences using the mobile devices would like to watch the videos rather than reading through text. [ 937 more words ]
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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Why You Need a GOOD Web Design in 2018 -

A good web design in 2018 represents the multiple aspects of interaction, engagement, retention, conversion, rating, optimization and ranking. All the other factors are based on these fundamental elements. User experience enhancement and search engine optimization are the two interrelated key elements which have to be given equal importance. Web Design 2018- User Experience Responsive Design: Web design compatibility for the mobile and PC users is the key element that can attract the visitors and convince them to browse through the pages meticulously. [ 914 more words ]
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Friday, February 9, 2018

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Local SEO Strategies for SMBs


The local SEO strategies for SMBs should preferably be categorized into several steps based on the approach, target audiences, products and other demographic data from the specific local region. Hence, you need to focus on the market and audiences research. You can use social media tools from sites like Facebook to generate the data related to core audiences, custom audiences. You need to target the local audiences based on location, product preferences, buying patterns etc.
You may also need to export the data of existing customers into the social media Lookalike audience research. After following server steps in the guided research, you can get the detailed demographic data for a specific localized market. You can follow the similar approach to the other segments based on multiple criteria within the same region. Export all the data to a .CSV file and generate charts. Now, you have the clear picture of your target audiences.
Understanding the buying patterns of the competitors’ customers is another key point that can help you re-orient your local SEO strategies to reach more number of audiences.

Keyword and Content – Optimization Strategies

The Keywords you research should contain relevant meaning to your business, products and services. Categorization the keywords based on the specific product ranges and their utility for the end users can be effective in improving the search ranking.
·         NAP: The insertion of Name, Address and phone next to the keywords can provide valuable information to the searchers to find your location immediately. The search engines also find your web pages trustworthy and increase the page ranking to a considerable extent. When you add the content in blogs and social media pages, you can also add the hyperlink to your website.
·         Photos: The photos of your actual business location (avoid stock images from websites), with staffs, products and services can help you attract the attention of the audiences in a better way.  You need to follow the Google guidelines for the photo size, resolution and other quality aspects.  
·         Text: The text content needs to be relevant to your business, products and services.  Keep the writing style simple and understandable to the readers. Research in depth about the Google recommended guidelines and follow them accurately. Your creative ideas about the products and services can help retain the readers on the pages for a longer time. Technical and functional specifications in eh form of infographics can create better impressions on the readers. They can form good opinion and write positive reviews. You need to add customer testimonials for the entire range of products and services in every page. This technique is the magical formula that can attract more number of visitors to the reviews and feedback. It would be better if you can dedicate a page for the audiences’ feedback, reviews and comments in your website.  It will save you the time of having to update the testimonials regularly. Moreover this page can also help in increasing the ranking and rating of your website and products in the long run. The text and the image on your web pages should match with each other and relate to the audiences’ needs. Avoid too many technical jargons in the content as they can confuse the average readers. Of course, there could be circumstances wherein you may not be able to avoid such words. Make sure you have explained its meaning in simple English at some point on the page, which the readers can reach instantly. Writing the content bulleted format with side headers can help the readers understand the concept of your writing when they take a quick look. 

Directory Listing – Key to Local Presence

Introduction about your organization, products, services and the team can give an idea about the infrastructure, facilities, methods, products & services and other customer related aspects of your business. It can be from 50 to 60 words in length. Use points to write and avoid using too adjectives. The narration style should be simple description.
You can also add 50-character description of the business name, address, phones, email and other contact details, Keywords and photos etc. You may also add a link to your business website here. Getting the local citation for your business is very important. Google My Business (GMB) is one of the fastest growing and most popular sites. Here, you can get the best of citations that reach out to the maximum number of local population. You can use the mobile platform as a key campaigning location for your business. Facebook and LinkedIn also provide large scale exposure to the local audiences through citations. You can also find similar business sites that are specific to your products and services. They help you focus on the core audiences who may be interested in buying your products. You can also find other local directories and yellow pages which are accessed by the local population regularly. Consistency is the key which can bring more number of site visitors and

Mobile Apps – Service at Fingertips

Reaching out to your potential audiences through attractive mobile apps is one way of capturing their immediate attention. They can be informative, entertaining, gaming etc. But they need to be engaging and communicative. Add links to your web pages, blogs and other sites wherein you have launched your campaigns and marketing advertisements. They need to be at a location on the app interface which doesn’t distract the user attention from the main app. At the same time they should be constantly visible and accessible for click or touch. Encourage the users to share your apps with their contacts.

Lookalike Audiences – Best Bet for Business Betterment

You can get to know about new audiences by comparing their common characteristics and behavioral patterns (while buying products). You can export their contacts and profiles from the social media websites like LinkedIn into spreadsheets. Then use them in the other social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Tumblr and others. They can help you reach out to the most potential local audiences.