Monday, February 8, 2021

Paid Advertising-Importance and Best Platforms!

For those wanting to boost their digital content, promoting it is key. This is where paid advertising comes in and makes its mark. Therefore, you cannot forego the pay per click (PPC) strategy. Although it can get tricky to navigate these matters, we are here to help.

Having trouble deciding on which PPC ad platform will work best for your business? Well, worry no more. Internet Market -In this article, you will learn everything you need about some of the best PPC advertising platforms. Remember that no platforms are alike in what they offer and each has its specialties allowing advertisers to attain massive reach to possible customers.

Today we will discuss the following paid advertising platforms that are widespread

·         Google Ads.

·         AdRoll.

·         Bing Ads

·         Pinterest

·         Yahoo Gemini

·         Facebook

·         Twitter

·         LinkedIn

Before we get right to them, let us talk a little about why paid advertising is necessary for your business. This will help you grasp things better.

Why is Paid Advertising Important?

While you create helpful content and it is a crucial part of marketing, it is not enough. You need to incorporate content promotion in your marketing strategy. People will only benefit from the content you offer if they can reach it. Research shows that 91% of high-performing content marketers utilize paid distribution channels for promoting their content. Therefore, to make sure your content goes in front of the target audience, paid advertising is a strong tactic to incorporate in your strategy.

It can be the nudge getting potential customers onto your site for the very first time. Once they see what you are offering, they will keep coming back and gradually build trust with you. When a visitor reaches your website, you have the chance to introduce your brand and begin winning them over by giving useful information. Paid advertising or PPC is particularly worth considering for content pieces like eBooks, etc.

When you expend many resources into your creation, then it becomes excessively crucial to ensure people find it. However, it can furthermore be a satisfactory way to give your top blog content a necessary boost.


No matter what kind of audience you plan to reach, if they are online, then you can get to them by PPC ads. While search engines and display network work their magic, ads reach over 90% of internet users. Moreover, a substantial majority of adults spend most of their time on social media too. Therefore, for getting your content to people's sight, PPC is necessary.

Good for Analytics

Paid advertising platforms track comprehensive data on how ads are doing and deliver it to advertisers in layouts that make it easy to get insights. They help you learn about how many people are clicking on each ad and helpful details like how ad execution breaks down by demographics and a day’s time. 

This data enables you to switch up your ad campaigns as you frequently enhance your results, plus the insights you receive from it can enable you to develop the remainder of your marketing strategy. For example, your PPC data will enable you to comprehend what types of headlines receive the most clicks from your visitors and this will guide you better in writing more effective titles and subject lines.

Best Paid Advertising Platforms

We have researched thoroughly and compiled some of the top paid advertising (PPC) platforms for you to consider. Read on to find out what each of them has to offer.

1.      Google Ads

As the most prominent ad network owing to the massive search volume in its engine, Google Ads reigns supreme.  Moreover, it also reaches a huge volume of websites on Google’s Display Network or GDN. In addition, Google declares that the ads it displays appear on millions of websites and countless apps.

You can rest assured your ads are going where they are meant to with this platform. Over 3 billion-plus searches transpire on Google daily.

Google’s Ads Placement Strategy

It places them on its main search engine, on its display networks, mobile app shopping, and YouTube.

Advertising Formats

Image, text, video, etc. 

2.      AdRoll

This platform utilizes over 34 million signals for making marketing prognoses for targeting. It leverages Facebook Exchange, Google, emails among other exchanges and marketplace. It is a must-have platform for eCommerce businesses retargeting products their shopper views.

AdRoll has evolved over the last ten years with the largest advertiser data co-op. This implies for marketers that they can easily reach their audience on the internet, anywhere, and get them to make a purchase.

AdRoll Placement Strategy

It places only on Websites.

Ad Formats

Native web ads, Web ads, dynamic web ads, Facebook and Instagram ads, and emails.

3.      Bing Ads

The search engine of Bing grows faster and faster every day, even if people mostly prefer Google chrome.  Bing Ads retains many tools for promoters for importing campaigns from Google, streamlining the procedure of starting. Therefore, it offers more opportunities by advancing its advertising technologies.

Ensure you modify bids, match the types, and put in any necessary Bing Ads extensions while importing from Google ads.

Bing’s Ads Placement Strategy

It positions ads on search engines, placing the native content on Microsoft Network (MSN), Edge, and some partner websites.

Ad Format

Text format for search and for native placements, responsive.

4.      Pinterest

Mainly an image-based platform, it has 200 million active monthly users researching ideas, trends, products and most of them have the intention of purchasing.  The users where the majority of women at 70%, with 40% earning $100,000 household earnings. However, Pinterest is a favorite platform of many and only keeps its ad on the platform.

Search inquires on Pinterest are more widespread than on Google, for instance, users research keywords to get started. A strong Pinterest presence is sure to enhance results as saves and shares on a Pinterest stick around.

Pinterest Ads Placements Strategy

It solely posts on its and Pinterest app.

Ad Formats

Promoted pins, one-tap promotion pins, promotional video pins, cinematic pins, app pins.

5.      Yahoo Gemini

Native and search ads are administered on Yahoo, comprising of AOL, Yahoo, and additional websites under these two. As of 2019's first quarter, Microsoft declared an expansion collaborating with Verizon enabling Yahoo traffic to get solely administered by Bing Ads. This further expanded more horizons for ads reach.

This encompasses traffic from Oath Platform, formerly recognized as Yahoo Gemini, along with some other partners. Yahoo has the maximum value for the extent of native ads and attending to audiences using Yahoo products.

Yahoo Gemini Placement Strategy

It positions ads on searches, mobile searches, and native.


Ad Formats

Text, video, image, app, email, Tumblr posts and carousel ads.

6.      Facebook

Acting as the prime social network on the earth, 2 billion population uses Facebook each month. It can get difficult to target, so it is excellent in targeting incredibly fine audiences via comprehensive demographics, as the targeting level is not as skillfully accomplished on Bing or Google.

Facebook ads operate like ad displays, but wise managers can outshine at receiving conversions.

Facebook Ads Placements Strategy

Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and Audience Network on mobile applications.

Ad Formats

Photo, video, carousel, canvas, slideshow. Audience Network on smartphones supports a variation of video and display formats like a native, in-stream video, interstitial, etc.

7.      Twitter Ads

Twitter gives various possibilities for reaching users via the platform utilized by 300 plus million users every month. It is a massive platform for many communities and is home to many viral discussions.  Unlike most platforms, ads on Twitter are completely confined to Twitter, minus any networking partners.

Possibly among the most ingenious ad formats, promoted tweets are great as they can encompass any mixtures of text with different media that abide by the general policies. Advertising on Twitter is better when you maintain a strong Twitter engagement strategy. As promoting an account gets more followers, good tweet content generates the best results.

Twitter Ads Placement Strategy

It places ads on its official website and the Twitter app.

Ad Format

Promoted tweets (images, texts, GIFS, videos), promoting accounts, promoting trends, promoting discussion topics.

8.      LinkedIn

Under the ownership of Microsoft, LinkedIn carries an abundance of information and large audiences for advertisers to target for their professional set. Over 500 million professionals use LinkedIn and it is easy to target them via professional norms, like job titles, company, seniority level, and more.

A tactic that receives LinkedIn results is giving valuable tips, whitepapers, or different content pertaining to the users' industry.

LinkedIn Ads Placement Strategy

It places on LinkedIn, LinkedIn Audience Network containing thousands of mobile sites, mobile applications, and ad exchanges.

Ad Formats

Image and text ad on LinkedIn, but native on LinkedIn Audience Network websites plus apps.


There you have it! The wonders of paid advertising and some of the best platforms to help your business take flight. We hope this article helps you in understanding how important advertising is and why you should give it extra attention. 


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