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Frequently Asked Search Engine Optimization Questions

Frequently Asked Search Engine Optimization Questions

How can you help us overcome the sharp rise in content marketing competition?

The process of content creation at the MRC Calgary SEO Consulting is based on our vast market research and analysis. We follow specific strategy for every business segment based on consumer awareness, competition level, opportunities, threats, strength and weakness of the products and services.
We select the most potential platforms including the social media, blogs, infographics, and presentations to attract the readers’ attention. Our programs are spread over several planned steps that generate definitive results within the targeted span of time.
  • Market Trend analysis
  • Understanding the consumer needs , wants, and demands (NWD)
  • Research on contemporary brands, businesses and products
  • Creation of marketing strategy to sync with the NWD
  • Creation of value for your brands and products
  • Customization of content for the best reader experience
  • Content optimization for the mobile and smart phone users
  • Instant comparison on products and brands
  • Pragmatic approach to establish, sustain and promote your brand awareness
  • Consistency in upsizing product and competition related information
Our advanced technology tools, search engine optimization  algorithms, search engine strategies, web design methods, and keyword research are the keys to your success. We push your brand and products beyond the scope of competition in the present and future markets.


 What is the Realistic SEO timeline for startup Companies you suggest?

The answer to your question could be complex or simple, depending on your expectations from the market. The primary parameters include brand visibility, reader attention, product relevance, content quality, reader experience, retention, and interaction with your website. These are fairly controllable factors.  The non-controllable factors are competition, market trend, changing user preferences, and statutory regulations. The SEO timeline we suggest at the MRC SEO Consulting is based on some key factors listed here. We have split it into two parts for the existing and the newly designed website.
Existing website
  • Website Age
  • Existing content (quality, relevance, competition, reach, etc).
  • Web design relevance to your business and brand
  • Existing SEO Services volume & effectiveness
  • Gap between your projected goals and the present status
  • Existing and projected competition
New Website
  • Web design and content strategy & structure
  • Marketing demographic and psychographic analysis
  • Target planning for smart phone users, online shoppers, and social networks
  • Content and marketing strategy for the consumers of various ages. They are the boomers (<=1965), Generation X (1966-79), Millennials (1980-2000), and the generation Y (from 2001)
  • Consistency in keyword & content upgrade, update, link building, personalized communication, etc.
  • Keyword research, long tail and short phrases selection, density and distribution, relevancy, and transparency of product information.
The listed factors are not strict and binding. They can be related to both the categories. Our SEO experts at the MRC Calgary SEO Consulting can give you business and brand specific timeline once you start interacting with us for our services listed on

How do you link the SEO to the site design, build and the CMS?

  • SEO & Site Design: The key factors we incorporate into your website design are the accessibility, navigability, usability, simplicity, quality, velocity (speed of loading), and adaptability (responsiveness to the mobile and smart phone users). We carry your brand and business to every individual user at the local, national and the global levels.
  • SEO & Site Build: The foundational elements that make up our site building strategies are the business model, connectivity with the visitors, competitor psychograph, target user demography, scalability, ease & speed of linking, and content visibility.
  • SEO & CMS: Keyword research & selection, content quality & presentation model, keyword integration and distribution, keyword proximity with synonyms, ease of update and upgrade, image and video integration, and reader retention capacity are some of the inherent qualities we incorporate into the CMS.

 How do you ensure consistent brand visibility in the social media?

Social media is a dynamic platform, which can roll out any established brand within the shortest span of time. Our approach at the MRC Calgary SEO Consulting is based on consistency, vision, competition, and practical approach to user level interaction.
  • Connectivity: We establish one to one connectivity at the individual level. The first time contacts keep track of your products, brand and business due to our personalized approach.
  • Visibility: Our social media SEO is based on keyword planning, selection & integration, content writing & presentation style, organic SEO and Adwords, selection strategy for user demography, etc. We ensure consistent visibility of your brand on every search for the related concept, information, and product specific data.
  • Acceptance: We ensure user acceptance of the marketing concepts, relevance, and the approach consistently. The potential users come in search of your brand rather than the other way round.
  • Endorsement: The marketing strategies at MRC Calgary SEO Consulting ensure user trust from all the aspects related to product quality, dependability, reliability, feasibility, and durability. Consistent conversion of leads to sales (represented in the social media through infographics) increases the trustworthiness of your brand. The increase in followers, likes, reviews, and shares keep your brand continually visible.

What is your formula for SEO success through ethical techniques?

The ethical techniques of SEO used by MRC  SEO Consulting are based on white hat strategies. Some of them are listed here.
  • Position: We follow the search engine guidelines of Google and others literally. Our brand positioning based on quality and relevant content, extensive keyword research, social media analysis, user experience metrics, analytics utilization, local directory listing, responsive designs, and positive link building. Our strategies ensure your brand positioning at the top slots of the SERP.
  • Speed: The search engines are able to locate your website links and content faster than ever before. We use specific SEO techniques based on demography, product features, competition, and quality parameters. Hence, the potential users are able to view your products and services in almost all the searches. The time gap between the find the land on your home page is only fraction of a second.
  • Mobile: The vast numbers of increasing mobile users in Canada can access your website and products with ease and comfort. They are able to evaluate your brand and compare with competitors within few simple steps. Now they can follow your content and share with thousands of friends on the social media.
  • Proximity: The MRC Calgary SEO Consulting techniques bring every user into the close proximity of your brand and products at the local markets. They feel more secure and trust your brand better. This factor naturally boosts the probability and frequency of the lead conversion into sales. Our next aim is to ensure maximum sharing of your links among the social media users.
  • Ranking: The white hat techniques we follow naturally get you to the top ranking of the search engines. The process may take relatively more time for organic SEO. But the trust levels we establish at the search engine algorithms, ranking mechanism, and indexing methods are long term success formulas.

The Small business owners can’t afford the luxury of cost and time. What are the SEO strategies you have for small business?

  • No Shortcuts: at the MRC Calgary SEO Consulting, we offer any shortcut formula for your SEO success. For the organic SEO, we have specific procedures for evaluating the timeline. The approach is perfectly in line with the search engine regulations and guidelines. For the Adwords and related paid campaigns we have a special Google approved formula that works faster and smarter. Your brand can grow vertically to enhance the visibility across multiple demographical specifications, cutting across competition and geographical barriers.
  • Cost Cuts: – At MRC Calgary SEO Consulting we believe in cost cuts in promoting your brand through all forms of paid campaigns and advertising. You can easily compare our costs based on our reach, influence, trust factors, dependability, and ROI generating formula.
  • Sensational Experience: Once you choose MRC Calgary SEO Consulting, you are sure to experience success through organic and paid SEO campaigns. Your patience during the initial gestation period will surely help your brand ascend the heights of competition and establish its unique identity.

 What is Full page audit for on page SEO? How do you make it work efficiently?

  • Strategy: – Keyword section and content development are the key elements of our on page optimization. Our audit team has the business specific expertise related to product specifications, functional evaluation, safety, usability, productivity, and other connecting factors. The connectivity is between the targeted users and your brand in real time. We ensure conformance to W3C, Google, Bing, and other search engine guidelines. At the same time we give you our best in streamlining your brand identity to the expectations of all the potential visitors and users.
  • Design: Our on page strategy gets the support from our efficient page design, content quality, keyword selection & integration, Meta tags and description, page title, long tail keywords, title length, tags, images & videos, and Meta keywords.
  • Action:  Our on page optimization always includes a call for action at the appropriate locations. We make sure every reader identifies these tags and clicks on them. Our aim is to ensure maximum click ratio, besides increasing the inbound traffic volume to your website.
  • Keywords: Our selections of primary keywords are always closely related to the content core on each page. The format and style perfectly match with the flow of content. At the same time they are natural to the search engine as they are the exact words used by the searchers. The probability of moving to the SERP top increases with time, since we regularly update the keywords in the Meta tags, descriptions and other parts connecting to the page. Frequent updates to the keywords on every page ensure consistent indexing by the Google and other search engines.
  • Links: We build and develop independent links to every page in your website based on the user relevance. If a user searches for “dependable post purchase services” for a specific product, we can link it to the service page in your website. Once the users land on that page, they naturally navigate to the products page following our specialty links. The strategies we follow for linking your page with the SEO depends on every part and component of your product, with its application and relevance to the users’ “search text”.

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